People around the world are increasingly moving away from cars according to a new report by the ABC.

From car mad America to forward thinking Finland – citizens and cities around the world are learning to live without automobiles. According to experts interviewed by the ABC – we’ve reached ‘peak car’:

“Car ownership and usership are both beginning to decline. And cities are becoming far better places because they are less car-dependent”

Gone are the days when four wheels meant freedom. Part of it undoubtedly comes down to money. Think of all the annoying costs these days – parking, petrol, insurance and registration.

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Yes indeed – it hurts the wallet.

But many would disagree with the notion that Adelaide has reached peak car.  Adelaide isn’t Europe – and while getting the metro at midnight in Paris is an option – you’re not quite as spoilt for choice in South Australia’s capital.

With this in mind we threw the question out to our Facebook Followers – and were pleased to find that many have been living car free for quite some time.

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At the end of the day – it’s probably not a question of being completely car-free (even the Dutch have high levels of car ownership) – but instead it’s more a question of using cars at the right time. With most trips less than 5km – are cars really always the best way to get from A to B?

Make sure you read the ABC’s piece on “Learning to Live Without Cars”