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Mandatory Bicycle Identification is a bad, bad idea. Bike SA CEO, Christian Haag, spoke to the elected members of  Campbelltown Council on 15 March and is calling on Bike SA members & supporters to take action. 

Well, it’s all happening at the Campbelltown Council at the moment. Last week, Council was a major feature in the Advertiser newspaper with much online comment, because it decided to not permanently fly the Aboriginal flag. The majority of members felt it would create disunity in their community.

Now they seem to be discontent with transport choices – namely people that choose to ride bicycles.

Local resident Scott Wood alerted Bike SA that council were seeking “the Local Government Association to lobby the State Government to introduce legislation that requires all bicycle riders 16 years of age or older to have a suitable identification attached to their bikes.”

On March 16 – they passed this motion. You can read through the full council proceedings here.

Identification and registration – it’s the same thing. 

In a bizarre twist at the same meeting on March 15, the Councillors passed a motion stating “They do not support the registration of bicycles” – however they are still seeking for “a mandatory identification attached to bikes“.

Bike SA attended the meeting and made it clear to council members – that mandatory identification attached to bicycles EQUATES to bicycle registration!

Appreciative to have the opportunity to address Councillors, we provided a summary of why mandatory identification of bicycles would act as a disincentive to their constituents getting on their bikes. We’ve compiled a nice little fact sheet on our main points to Campbeltown Council which you can read here.

In a nut-shell – here’s what would happen if we went down the path of bicycle registration.

  • Reduce the number of South Australians riding their bikes
  • Increase mortality rates across our community
  • Will terminate our cycle tourism sector
  • Cost the taxpayer significantly to administer the system
  • Make it impossible for the State government to achieve its stated strategic target to double the number of South Australians riding by 2020

The Local Government Association also produced some evidence based research to share with all local South Australian councils which is worth reading.

Take Action – you can help. 

Here’s where we’d love your help.

As this motion is now on the agenda of the Local Government Association’s (LGA) General Meeting, there is a very real possibility that it may pass.

We would love you to productively share a personal story on your opinion via email, to those elected members who voted for or against the motion to mandate bicycle registration. Whether you live in Campbelltown Council area – or you just happen to ride a bicycle in South Australia, we think it’s worth letting them know what you think.

It would great if you could cc with your story.

Those Councillors who voted for the mandatory identification of bicycles; 

Those Councillors who voted against the mandatory identification of bicycles;

You can also engage with Mayor Brewer at 

And why not leave a message on their FaceBook page and Twitter @CampbelltownSA

We also encourage anyone that rides a bicycle to get in touch with their own local council to express their views ahead of the LGA’s General meeting.

Bike SA is against the LGA lobbying State Government to mandate all bicycle riders over the age of 16 years to have identification on their bicycles. We’ll keep a close eye on what’s happening and keep you informed.

Become a Bike SA Member today & help us advocate for safer cycling conditions in South Australia.