The Dirty Weekend at Cudlee Creek was nothing short of spectacular. Here are 5 of our favourite moments from the weekend. 

This year’s Dirty Weekend was special – and by special we mean the atmosphere was simply fantastic. There were families, parents and children, partners and friends, all getting on  a Mountain Bike for an awesome weekend. Here are 5 moments that we think deserve a special mention.

(P.S If you want to check out the results go here. And if you want to see some beautiful snaps – be sure to check out our Facebook page, Kane Photos and also Sam Bruce’s wonderful shots.

1. The Trails

Alright – it’s not really a moment – but the trails at Cudlee Creek are just awesome. They’re flowy – fun and probably the best going around in South Australia. Cutting laps on the track is a real pleasure – and while there’s a bit of climbing to do – it’s worth it for the downhill.

Trails3 Trails 2 trails

2. Sunset at Cudlee Creek

The Dirty Weekend is held at a magical little spot – and the scenery is breathtaking. When the sun goes down – it truly is amazing. We’ll let the photos do the talking – but it was beautiful. Oh and the sunrise was pretty nice too.



3. The Disco in the trees and the live music. 

Nothing beats sweet tunes when you’re sloggin out laps on your Mountain Bike. The live music at the Dirty Weekend proved a whole lot of fun with a disco in the trees and some guitar and ukulele in the afternoon.


4. The Kids. 

They were everywhere… and loving it:) Seems like SA’s next generation of Mountain Bikers are only a few years away from stardom!

Photo Credit: Sam Bruce

Photo Credit: Sam Bruce

5. Seeing lawyers try to ride Mountain Bikes 

Our friends at Andersons’ Solicitors entered a team at this year’s Dirty Weekend. They are “Roadies” by nature – and the results were unexpected. We applaud them for having a go. Read their account of the weekend here entitled “Baptism of the Forest”.

Interested in taking part in next year’s Dirty Weekend? Find out more info here.