Cyclists on the Rugby/Porter Street Bikeway are set to be given priority over cars. 

Unley Council have overwhelmingly voted in favour of prioritising bikes on the Ruby/Porter Street Bikeway by a majority of ten to two.

At a meeting earlier this month, they decided to give priority to cyclists at three intersections and a redesign of the Edmund Avenue round-about. The bicycle route, used by more than 700 cyclists a day, is getting a $180,000 upgrade with work expected to start by the middle of next year.

Not all councillors were happy with the decision, with Councillor Hudson telling the local paper: “I think we need to put in barriers or disincentives to stop irresponsible cyclists,” citing concerns that prioritising bicycles would lead to speeding and irresponsible behaviour.

However, the decision has been met with overwhelmingly positivity from cycle user-groups and councillors themselves, with fellow Councillor Hewitson pointing out that: “This is about the major north-south bike corridor being safe and usable. If it is not usable, then Unley Rd gets used.”

Now when is Adelaide getting it’s first super cycle-highway?

We can only dream.

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