Earlier this week, InDaily revealed South Australia’s top 100 companies – and cycle friendly Boileau Business Technology has made the list for a the third time. 

Boileau Business Technology, which has been supporting South Australian Cycling and Bike SA for over 4 years, has made the top 100 list of South Australian companies for the third time.

“We the team at Boileau are incredibly excited that we have been able to make this achievement,” says Angelique Boileau, managing director of Boileau Business Technology  adding: “it takes a TEAM to achieve success.” 

Angelique Boileau has previously told media that cycling helps her to cope with the pressures of business.

“Riding gets my creative juices flowing and provides me with the high that sustains me to manage the daily challenges that the current business environment creates,” she said.

“It is not only an escape, but it is keeping me fit and healthy in the process.”

A survey by Bicycle SA on CEOs previously found that one in five CEOs cycle more than 200km per week, while just eight per cent of the general population surveyed did the same.

Bike SA would like to congratulate the team at Boileau for their efforts. There’s no doubt that getting the workplace cycling helps create a vibrant more productive team.

Support the businesses that support cycling. For more information on Boileau Business Technology, visit their website