Bike SA and Quipmo aim to get more people cycling in South Australia. Whether it’s offering high-performance road bikes for people travelling on business, downhill bikes to explore SA’s trails, families chasing bikes for the kids while on holidays, this partnership will give more people access to a range of bikes in South Australia!

With over 420,000 people cycling each year in South Australia[1], coupled with over 17M overnight trips in South Australia[2], the potential for Quipmo to substantially alter the cycle tourism landscape in South Australia is significant. Whether it’s a local bike shop looking for new customers or someone with bikes in their shed, anyone can now service the South Australian tourism market. This initiative is not merely for the most dedicated of cyclists but is aimed at the mainstream and offers another string to the bow of  change bike rental access across South Australia. Working with highly innovative and sector-leading organisations who are at the very forefront of cycling advocacy and community leadership is truly exciting, and we believe that this partnership has the potential to bring the whole community together through the sharing economy and cycling.”

For more information about bike sharing and Quipmo click here.