BMX fever strikes– community stores report best holiday ever!

Bikes Palya delivered three holiday programs to remote central Australian communities during July 2017. They were Amata in Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yunkuntjatjara lands, South Australia and Jameson and Warakurna in Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Western Australia.

During the 2 week visit, 8 bikes were repaired for on-going use in the Shire Youth Program. These included 2 BMX bikes donated by the program and 6 bikes previously belonging to the school.

Instructors worked daily with CDP (community development program) municipal services to construct a BMX race track. Strong community interest and support saw increased participant numbers, including many community volunteers.

The culmination of the visit was a race event that attracted groups aged 5-18 and was enjoyed by families and other community members. Groups competed for the fastest times, the second fastest individual prize was won by Cameron, who is only seven years old!

The Kungka Cafe ran a café one morning selling pancakes to community members and they raised $50, which was spent on healthy snacks for the art sessions, painting a car bonnet sign to promote safety and positive behaviour at the BMX track.

Warakurna Community Store reported the best holiday period for youth behaviour ever, especially from the young boys. Often holidays see increased problems with loitering and poor social behaviour but “these holidays they were all so happy and well behaved” commented the shopkeeper.

Roadhouse staff members shared a similar sentiment saying it was good to see youth out riding their bikes, and when they came into the roadhouse they showed respect and good manners.

“Thank you Bikes Palya, the kids are happy, we are all happy.” said Adrian, the Warakurna community chairperson after the last race.

“Next community board meeting I will ask to buy five BMX bikes for the community so we can start a BMX club and have proper races.”

Bikes Palya hopes to be back soon!