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Remember me? I’m the NoPro, and with my carbon fibre skeleton – I ride hard and long.

Among many other rides this year – I’ll be tackling Coast to Coast. Wanna know where I train? Well, the Fleurieu Peninsula has some absolute gems for people who like a bit of climbing. So I thought it was time to give them some love. So here’s my absolute favourites. The NoPro’s Fleurieu 5.

5. Wickams Hill

Wickams Hill is an absolute cracker. It’s more known as a fabulous descent with thousands of cyclists flying down it on Amy’s Ride SA. Climbing it is equally fabulous, if not more. A consistent 7% gradient for 3km faces those hardy souls climbing up it. The views though, the views! Fantastic! Put it on your list everyone.

4. Cape Jervis from the ferry terminal

This climb is epic. It’s 6.4km averaging 5% but the gradient is quite variable. It ranges from flat to over 10% so it’ll get your heart pumping. It can be hot, windy, and exposed, but wow it’s a beauty. Not to mention the descent down is one of the best in SA. It’s a long trip there, but well worth it.

3. Mt Alma

Mt Alma is savage. Its mystique grows as more people make the pilgrimage to grind up it. No question, it’s one of the 5 toughest climbs in SA. The average gradient over 10% for 1.6km, maxing out over 20%. The first wall is the worst part, followed by a flatter section, and finishing with another brutal pitch. The view at the top is absolutely gorgeous though, so it’s almost worth it for that… almost… More than worth a trip if you’re feeling brave.

2. Crows Nest Road

Crows Nest Road’s stats look a bit pedestrian at 5.5% for 4km. But this climb has a very nasty sting in the tail. The last 1.5km average 9%. That will test a lot of legs when the BUPA Challenge Tour goes up it in 2016. All who conquer it are treated to a stunning view from the lookout at the top. Go on, stop for a photo before you roll back down to the Port Elliot bakery. You’ve earned that doughnut! 

1. Old Willunga Hill

Was there really any other choice? Old Willunga Hill is legendary. The Tour Down Under has featured this hill on the queen stage for years now. It’s the major hill on Amy’s Ride SA, a staple climb for club races, and one of the most popular recreational hills in SA. The climb has a 7% average gradient for 2.9km so it’s no slouch. Oh, and there’s multiple cafes at the bottom of the climb. What’s not to love? 

Honourable mentions: Penny’s Hill, Bangor Road, Rapid Bay, Taylors Hill Road, Parawa Road. 

Want to outclimb the NoPro? He will be riding Coast to Coast on Sunday 3 April – South Australia’s legendary one day ride. 

Coast 2 Coast