South Australia is pretty blessed when it comes to Mountain Biking. Here are three top trails spots that are worth checking out. (And yes, there are many more). 

Craigburn Farm 

Craigburn Farm is an awesome place to ride for many reasons. First of all, it’s so close to the city,  nestled on the edge of suburbia near Blackwood and has about about 20km of trails constructed by Gary Paterson from Trailscapes. The trails are really well signposted, and also are designed to be ridden in both directions and can be ridden by everyone.  There’s some fun stuff from fun descents to good climbs.

Yes, if you’re new to Mountain Biking, this is a great place to start.

Have a read of this great little article from Weekend Notes to get a feel for what it’s like and and check out this website for practical information on getting there.

Cudlee Creek (Fox Creek)

Okay – so we’re totally biased, but we’d argue that the trails here among the best in South Australia. From some amazing cross country (be sure to check out our event The Dirty Weekend so you can see the track) to some pretty awesome flow trails, this place has everything.

Recently work by the Human Projectiles, and in particular trail fairy Nick Bowman, has seen the construction of some great new trails such as Ant-Logic, Dirty Little Secret and there’s alway the super fun and flowy Green Smoothie.

To top it all off, there’s a winery right near the entrance (Anderson Hill) that serves a delicious drop, great beer & wood oven pizza.



If you’ve yet to venture to Melrose, then you simply have to.  Set in the heart of the Southern Flinders Ranges (about 3 hours north of Adelaide), this place oozes charm and has some awesome trails.

It has one of the funkiest Mountain Bike shops (Over The Edge) as well a purpose built Mountain Bike Accommodation (Under The Mount) who are definitely worth contacting if you’re keen on making a trip that way and they’ll tell you exactly where to ride.

The town also hosts wonderful events such as the Fat Tyre Festival (super family friendly) in June and The 18 hours of Melrose in September.

Even better, Over The Edge lets you rent out bicycles, so there are quite literally no excuses – get on your bike.

Further Reading: 

  • Make sure you read this article by Ian Fahler from Escape Goat in Australian Mountain Bike Mag about great places to ride
  • Be sure to check out the website Adelaide MTB Trails for practical information and a load of trail information in South Australia.
  • Get in touch with Over The Edge if you’re keen on heading up for a weekend away.
  • Make sure you check out our event – The Dirty Weekend – taking place on Saturday & Sunday (29-30 April) this month.