Bike SA’s event coordinator Geoffrey Brown talks about the Dirty Days series. 

Dirty Days is now over for 2018, the ride at Kuitpo wrapping it up in style. After a couple of changeable lead in days the weather gods gave us a lovely blue, still and warm day. That didn’t mean that no one got dirty, there was plenty of mud from the days before to keep it exciting enough.

With this event, we combined a little single track with some more scenic forest trails which quite a few people rode, but by far more people chose to double up on single track than ride the 14 km round trip into the forest. And if they did, most didn’t return to the single track, suffering a little I’d imagine by all the up and down through the intermediate routes. This was the most physically demanding of the Dirty Days series.

As far as the riding goes I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to enjoy ‘The Chute’ (INTERMEDIATE) as many people went back specifically to tackle that little section of (downhill) single track. I was particularly glad that it didn’t seem to claim any victims as it well could do! Who wouldn’t want to go faster than they should on this trail?!

We will be working on the format for Dirty Days for next year and while we don’t want to say too much ahead of time, we are convinced that we would like to run the series again and we will be looking at things we can do to attract more families as we all loved seeing parents helping their kids around on their mountain bikes.

Thanks for your support this year and while we can’t promise to take on every idea that you have for next year’s series, it certainly would be good to receive some feedback as to format changes, location changes or anything else which may improve and increase participation of Dirty Days as we really do want more bums on mountain bikes. Attendees, please fill out the post-event survey that would have received via email.

We are proud to announce that the winner of the fantastically equipped Reid Vice 3.0 was Joella Wakefield. Thank you to our partners REID Cycles for this wonderful prize.

We would also like to mention ForestrySA for letting us access the forest trails in their three forests.

And last but not least all the event volunteers who without their support, we could not run our events.

For all event, photos visit the Bike SA Flickr account tag away.