Commuter Cycling Series

Healthy Workplaces

This is a convenient series of 50 minute lunchtime or after work commuter cycling training sessions made easy for staff to attend, and for workplaces to support, as it doesn’t cut into the work day. Some of the sessions can be run at your location depending on your location.

There are 4 sessions listed below to select from. It’s easy to book sessions, and we even provide the bikes and helmets for staff that don’t have equipment! Organise a presentation, a practical session or the whole package…it’s up to you.

Better Bicycle Commuting – an engaging presentation by Bicycle SA on best practise
For current and contemplative commuters – it will equip, empower and inspire you to see commuter cycling as a worthwhile pursuit, and how it can be done safely. Find out about best practises on safety and awareness, defensive cycling, specific cycling road rules, the safest routes to take, equipment, some light hearted anecdotes and an opportunity to ask questions.

Bike Handling Skills – 50 min practical
On bikes, and great for the new or inexperienced rider, we teach all the fundamental bike handling skills to ride with confidence and style. Learn essential techniques including cornering, balancing, braking, stopping, scanning, signalling, gear use and dismounting. Good technique and skills makes for a safer cyclist. Bike and helmets provided if necessary.

Riding on the Road – 50 min practical
On bikes, learn best practise techniques in street smart safe cycling, including hazard awareness, defensive and assertive styles, and how to navigate and negotiate some of the streets of Adelaide with confidence.

Maintenance Express – 50 min practical
Don’t be stopped in your tracks by a simple mechanical problem. Be taught how to change a tyre, remount a chain, adjust gears and brakes, and what tools to use. 50 minutes is all it takes for the know-how and confidence to tackle these things.

To sign up contact Bike SA’s Education Manager on 8168 9999 or email office@bikesa.asn.au.