The Bicycle Network recently released the results of their survey into community opinions and perceptions around mandatory helmet laws.

With nearly 20,000 respondents, the results are interesting;

  • 41.7% of survey respondents believe Australia’s current MHL should remain
  • 17.6% believe that bicycle helmets should never be mandatory and;
  • 40.7% believe that helmets should only be mandatory in certain circumstances

As a result, they have released the following policy recommendation for Victoria and New South Wales;

Australia’s MHL will be relaxed with a five-year trial permitting people over the age of 17 to ride on footpaths and cycle paths without a helmet.

The fact that nearly 60% of respondents believe in some form of relaxation surprised us and we have decided to undertake a survey review to gather the opinions of South Australians.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will engage with some of our road safety colleagues here in SA to give some consideration to what our methodology might look like. So stay tuned…

PS: Contrary to recent misleading media reports, Bike SA does not support the Bicycle Network recommendation. Bike SA does however support a South Australian review to gain community opinions on the issue.