Welcome to a new blog segment for BikeSA and what better way to get things moving than to introduce one of our own.  James Nankivell is a fixture in the office working as the Marketing Assistant 2 days a week and has an interesting cycling and bike background.  Here’s his story.

Why do you ride? ie. Do you commute, ride for fun or both?

Mostly for selfish reasons; for fun and to keep myself fit, but also to hang out with my mates. When pedal prix season is in full swing I ride to train in the lead-up to each race, though it’s hard to maintain training in winter!

What bike do you ride?

2015 Giant Anthem Advanced SX 27.5. It’s a carbon duallie set up with an 11*1, a dropper post & tubeless tyres. I just barely do the equipment justice.

-I’ve also got a (rather unusual) Karbona road bike. They’re a Taiwanese company and the local bike shop had built one up. It’s light and handles well so I can keep up with my mates. There’s also a hard tail (somewhat customised) Giant Talon collecting dust in the back of the shed until it gets the brakes upgraded from the sole of my shoe to something with brake pads.

When I’m not riding my bike I ride something much more unusual: the team pedal prix bike. It sports an alloy frame, drum brakes and an Ultegra 10 spd at the back mated to a giant chainring at the front, oh and three wheels! It’s also got a fibreglass body with kevlar impact protection and carbon fiber roll bars.

If money was no object what would your dream bike be?

Nothing too crazy, I’d love to add a lightweight cyclocross bike to my little fleet, cyclocross looks like outrageously muddy fun and I half treat my roadie like a cyclocross bike already. There have been a few titanium framed machines that caught my eye.

Biggest benefit of riding?

The mental benefits of diving into the twisties, away from the daily grind, something that I have always found to be very valuable.

What or who got you into cycling?

My parents bought me a mountain bike when I was a kid, (it had v-brakes and a suspension fork; sweet!) which continued into bigger mountain bikes as I grew up. Oh and I started racing pedal prix bikes in high school and have been addicted to that ever since.

Favourite ride to do with friends in Adelaide/South Australia?

The pedal prix racing series, there are five SA races in the series and my favorite would have to be the 24 hour race on a street circuit in Murray Bridge. The track and the racing is a great challenge and often good fun, but it’s mostly about the 24 hours of shenanigans among friends.

If you’ve never heard of pedal prix, here’s the link: http://www.pedalprix.com.au/ and here’s a shameless plug for our team’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/aippunhinged/

Have you participated in a BikeSA ride?


Which one and what was your memory of the ride? The Last Bike SA ride I did was a Grand Slam. It hurt a lot, because in typical James fashion I went 100% at the start and had nothing left at the finish. The scenery was great though and there was really good coffee.

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