Welcome back to our new Rider of the Week blog segment. Before we start sharing our public submissions, we have one more in house cyclist to introduce to you. Chelsea Austin knows the ins and outs of Bike SA back to front and has been involved in a wide range of different cycling activities with us. Here is her cycling story.

Why do you ride? ie. Do you commute, ride for fun or both?

A bit of each. I commute into town but also enjoy going riding just for fun – this could be a beach cruise, mountain bike ride or even playing a game of Bike Polo.

]What bike do you ride?

I have collected a few, but my main ride is a Felt F5 that we converted to a flat bar for more comfortable city peak hour riding. When off road I ride an Orbea Alma, and there’s a sturdy little single speed for Polo which can survive a few knocks and the occasional tumble.

If money was no object what would your dream bike be?

I’m actually pretty happy with my collection now, though I might tweak a few details here and there.

Biggest benefit of riding?

The incidental exercise it provides. I’m not one for going for a jog or heading to the gym, so incorporating it into everything else I like to do is really helpful, plus it’s just good fun.

What or who got you into cycling?

I had a bike growing up and I enjoyed riding it, but lived by a main road and stopped when I got too old for the footpath. Thankfully some friends rediscovered cycling a few years ago and they got me riding again. I then got so keen I started taking a few other people out and showing them that the road wasn’t as scary as we all thought (most of the time anyway).

Favourite ride to do with friends in Adelaide/South Australia?

At the moment I’d have to go with Cobblers mountain bike trails. I don’t get out on the mountain bike very often and so I’m always a bit out of the habit again when I do go. Cobbler’s has some trails that can be taken slow when you’re feeling tired or out of practice, but if you speed them up they get much more fun and I don’t feel like I’m slowing down friends or making them stick to the ‘easy’ trails. Having facilities there (such as toilets) also makes it an easier choice if we plan on being out for a while.

Have you participated in a BikeSA ride?


Which one and what was your memory of the ride?

I rode the Coast to Coast a few years ago. I was quite an experience as I only had one bike then and it was a fixed gear (I skipped the first leg and started at Stirling!), I had also never ridden more than 40km at once, so I knew the ride would be a challenge. I actually had a lot of fun – I made it to the end, and the riders near me provided encouragement when I started lagging on the last few hills

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