September 14, 2017

Welcome back to our weekly rider blog piece. Our featured rider for this week is a delivery rider and avid hill climber who is passionate about bicycles as a primary mode of transport.

Why do you ride?
I commute every day to work on my bike. It is quicker, or at least takes the same amount of time as driving would. I also ride for fun occasionally alone or with mates. I have recently joined UberEats delivery as they basically pay me to go for a decent ride on my bike whenever I like which is fantastic.

What bike do you ride?
I currently ride a Giant Defy Advanced Pro II (2016)
If money was no object what would your dream bike be?
Singular? or plural (bikes!) I am happy with the bike I have and don’t really dream of a more expensive one, I would however really enjoy having a number of different bikes that are useful for different tasks. A cargo bike would probably be next on my list if I had the money to spend on one. Something I can take to the shops, or transport large goods around when I need to. Also different types of Commuters for different tasks. I am really into the idea of bikes as a legitimate mode of transport, and really prefer to take a bike over the car 99% of the time.

Biggest benefit of riding?
Getting out of the car and actually noticing the things around you that you don’t see when sheltered from the elements. You notice more shops and see the smaller things that you may never have known were there because you have always driven past them so quickly in the past.

What or who got you into cycling?
Dad has always been riding his bike to work in the city since I can remember. Although he may not be as passionate as I am about getting people out of their cars and onto their bike, I think it is him that has planted that idea in me, which has spread to the rest of our family using the bike much more (almost always) for their commute.
Favourite ride to do with friends in Adelaide/South Australia?
When with friends I enjoy the freeway climb to either the bollards, or to Mt Lofty if I am feeling energetic. It is quick and provides a very good challenge.

What cycling apps do you use?
Garmin Connect


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