Welcome back to our weekly rider blog piece. Our featured rider for this week has a long term love of cycling and a penchant for getting himself geographically embarrassed.

Why do you ride? ie. Do you commute, ride for fun or both?

I ride because I want to. I love going bush and getting lost and the unexpected adventure. It is not about going fast.

What bike do you ride?

This week I am riding a specialized Sequoia Elite with custom wheels. It is fast enough on the road and capable in the bush. I love the low low gears and disc brakes.

Next week it will be something else – you always have room for one more bike.

(Editor’s note, the correct number of bicycles to own is n+1)

If money was no object what would your dream bike be?

I would love a 1920’s Tour de France style bike complete with a spare tyre on my back.

Biggest benefit of riding?

I like getting out in the fresh air and going somewhere – anywhere. Cycling lets me do this on my terms. I love the space, fresh air and adventure.

What or who got you into cycling?

When I was 6 I took off for the day and never really came back. I went on my first solo overnight tour when I was 12 and much later met my wife on a cycle tour. 50 years on and I am still going somewhere and have a bucket list to tick off than never gets shorter.

Favourite ride to do with friends in Adelaide/South Australia?

I love to show off where I live in the McLaren vale region and taking people through Kuipo Forrest. I have cycled all over the world and this is as good as the best for a short day ride.

Which Bike SA ride have you taken part in and what was your memory of the ride?

Participating in 1993 Grand Slams with a bunch of Like minded people. Having my young son complete the 2013 150 Km Grand Slam. Getting my non cycling friend around the 2016 Amy ride. This years Mawson Trail with bike SA was a great adventure and something very different for me as I had never ridden in an organised and supported tour which made it so easy.

What riding apps do you use?
  • Strava
  • Garmin Connect
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