Welcome back to our weekly rider blog piece. Our featured rider for this week is bike mechanic and fan of bright colours: Louise Sensi. Louise is a seasoned cycle tourer and has an interesting collection of bicycles. Read on to learn more.

Why do you ride? ie. Do you commute, ride for fun or both?

I ride because every time you hop on it is adventure, freedom, effort and joy. I ride to leave the car behind, to travel, to be outside, to get where I need to go and get the best parking space! I ride because I am a bicycle mechanic, and I use an electric cargo bike to pick up and deliver my customer’s bikes.

What bike do you ride?

Which one???

My favourite is Audrey, a Surly Long Haul Trucker. We have crossed the USA together, Seattle to Boston, we have ridden the Great Victorian Bike Ride and the East Coast of Tasmania, and thousands of other daily adventures. We plan to do the Mawson trail this November.

But Thelma (Thelma & Louise, get it?) my Trek MTB is a ticket to explore all the local backroads, fire trails and farm tracks.

If money was no object what would your dream bike be?

I don’t need a dream bike, if money was no object, I would take Audrey on my dream bicycle tour…to ride to all the Wine Regions of the World.

Biggest benefit of riding?

No matter how crappy I may feel before heading out, I always feel better after a ride. Plus, no fossil fuels, exercise without the gym, and tailwind!

What or who got you into cycling?

When I lived in Melbourne, I commuted to avoid traffic and parking issues. That quickly escalated, and once I did my first bicycle tour, I will never be without a bicycle and the willingness to ride.

Favourite ride to do with friends in Adelaide/South Australia?

The ride home with my partner from her vineyard job in Clare, 14kms on the Riesling Trail, feels like home.

Have you participated in a Bike SA ride?

Which one and what was your memory of the ride?

We head into Adelaide for Gear Up Girl every year. In 2016 we rode a pair of vintage bikes that I restored after finding them at the tip. I did a little roadside rescue for a woman with a flat, she was going to abandon the ride, but a patch and some air, and she was able to finish the ride.

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