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We are able to offer over 2,500 organised rides delivered annually as part of Bike SA's FREE Rides Programme. The most comprehensive in Australia, an experience for everyone, and best of all, they're FREE

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From Willunga to Gawler and Mt Gambier to the Eyre Peninsula all rides are delivered by our certified Rides Leaders. Ideal for those who are getting back on the bike after a few years off or those taking it up for the first time. Each of the rides is coded with a degree of difficulty so you know exactly what to expect. But if you're not quite sure, you can call any of our Rides Leaders and have a chat with them.

Cobwebs Group Ride

COBWEBS is an 8.00 AM Saturday morning road ride organised through Bicycle SA. We ride from Tarniwarra Park, which is on Cygnet Court at North Glenelg to Outer Harbor and return every Saturday morning with generally 70 to 100+ people. Our ride has six sub-groups to allow for differing rider speeds, with safe riding and courtesy to other road users being key behaviours expected of participants.

Cobwebs has also added a womens group, which rides when there?s demand. The female leader rides at a pace to suit participants, with the aim of placing riders in a suitable speed group after a few weeks.

Riders come from across Adelaide with the 8.00 AM start (which is later than many bike riding groups) allowing for easy participation. The ride finishes at the Watermark Hotel, which has a lot of space for riders and their bikes, with most riders enjoying a chat and coffee in the hotel after the ride.

If you're interested in riding safely in an organised group ride then come along on any Saturday, introduce yourself to any rider (you'll easily recognise our group as almost all riders will be wearing yellow Cobwebs jerseys) and they'll, in turn, introduce you to one of the ride leaders who'll then introduce you to the appropriate sub-group for your first ride. All are welcome, so get involved and come for a ride!

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