Gear Up Girl 2015

Gear Up Girl 2015

After a weekend of wild and wooly weather, we are looking forward to the sun and warm weather forecast for the Gear Up Girl bike ride. For next Sunday, all you girls, get out there and enjoy!

The Gear Up Girl ride will make you itching for more cycling around our beautiful city and area. Cycling is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, and to keep fit and healthy to boot! For all those starting out on the bike, Margret Boylan, our Gear Up Girl ambassador, has given has given a few tips and things to bear in mind when addressing the question: “If I ride outdoors today what do I need to be sure of?”

1. How is my body today for cycling, given the weather?

How is the weather outside, and how do I feel? When deciding whether to ride outdoors or not, also consider how far and how fast you go if you ride. Answering these questions is about balancing your physical condition today with how willing you are to go outside your comfort zone sometimes to grow your skills & experience as a cyclist.

2. How is my bike and equipment today?

Like racehorses, most bikes and bike components are suited to different tracks, surfaces, distances and kinds of weather (the “horses for courses” idiom). Your answer here will help you decide whether to ride, as well as what to wear and how to change the way ride if you do got out. For example know your bike and equipment – things like how the type of tyres you have will be affected by weather (wider tyres or tyres with good amount of tread have more grip in wet weather), the state of your tyres (are the tyres in good shape for the type of surface or debris you’ll encounter?) or how your type of brakes are affected by wet weather (rim brakes are much less effective in the rain, disc brakes are more effective).

3. Is my planned route safe to ride on today?

If not, what is my Plan B route or short cut options? Knowing your route well is important for your safety, especially if you ride alone and in bad weather. This isn’t just about fallen trees etc – it’s also about things like how the surface might be affected by rain or how strong the wind might be in the gullies or exposed areas. Using a route that is well used by lots of other cyclists who can help if things go awry is always a good option whatever the weather! As is riding with others who do know your route well – like Bike SA!

Happily, on the day of our Gear Up Girl Ride Bike SA will help out to make the ride safe and fun for everyone. Also, each of us will be looking out for ourselves and for each other. We’ll all be using the 5 “must-do’s” Margret talked about in her tips on riding together on paths and roads. The sun will be shining, and a great day will be had by all. Enjoy!