Some say he has a carbon fibre skeleton, and his breath smells like chain lube. All we know is he’s called the NoPro. And he’s going to film Amy’s Ride SA’s toughest climbs. 

We’ve found someone that will be giving you some killer tips for Amy’s Ride SA this year. Not only will he be filming the toughest sections of Amy’s Ride SA – but he will also be answering some key questions that you might have in the lead-up to the ride.

Who is this guy? Well he’s so well known – we can’t even show you his face – just his shoes. Or more precisely, his cleats.


And yes – we can also show you his helmet.


In any case, he’ll be making a bunch of videos for Amy’s Ride SA prior to the big day. And while you’re waiting for his first video – why not check out his video of Norton Summit. Might make for a nice training ride.

Or even better – his summary of a classic – climbing Mount Lofty.


So without further ado, behold the NoPro.

The NoPro – Rider Profile

Age: 29

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 66kg

Slowest time up Norton Summit: 

25:20, 13 km/h. In my defence, this was the 26th climb I had done on that ride and I was tired. 


  • Climber
  • Wheel-sucker (unless climbing)
  • Comédien. 

Professional Team: I once bought a fake Mapei kit.

Coach: Google

Functional Threshold Power: Unknown

V02 Max: Unknown

Trophies: Do digital trophies count? 

First Road Bike: 2009 Specialized Allez comp, my “gateway bike.”

Age you first crashed your bike: Whatever age I learned to ride a bike. After that it has become a bi-annual tradition.

Favourite bike store: Gumtree

What you currently Ride: Bottecchia Emme 2 

Your most memorable cycling result / achievement so far: 2 Everestings

Major Awards / Honours: None

Major career obstacles you have overcome:

  • Waking up early
  • Burgers
  • Winter
  • Wearing lycra for the first time

Superstitions: No white bar tape.

Favourite Cycling quote: “Because bicycle” – me, 2015.

Do you have any cycling related questions? Ask a man who has no sponsors, no career at stake, no affiliations to any diets or foods, no scientific knowledge to burden him: the NoPro.

Post your questions below in or simply send us an email with NoPro in the subject line. We’ll select the best questions next week for the NoPro to answer accompanied by a video.