Bike touring is great – but what about going it solo?

Many bike tours are commercially available, offering ease and convenience. Bicycle SA run awesome bike tours each year – from their Annual Tour to their epic Outback Odyssey. But what about going it solo?

Taking a solo holiday by bike is in the back of many a mind but taking the first step can be daunting.

Much like symptoms of a common cold, a Google search can generate such responses that make staying home the only sensible option. Reading blogs is a quick way to get confused, as the tips offered might suit a particular level of fitness not to mention pain threshold.

Bike tours can range from days to months and suit lifestyles and budgets ranging from ‘fregan’ to ‘glamper’. But this is great news as there is a bike tour for everyone, you just need to find the right advice!

Bike Kitchen Expo

Luckily the community run Adelaide Bike Kitchen are putting on an expo on Bike touring this Saturday from 2-7pm. The event features short presentations by experienced tourers showcasing a variety of touring perspectives to empower and inspire would-be’s to get-a-pedalling.

Talks will include topics such as useful networks, what gear to pack, necessary equipment, logistical planning, overcoming the mental barriers and embracing the unforseen. This will be followed and structured forum to ask specific advice from individuals with experience in covering every continent.

The Details: 

2pm 7pm – Saturday 28 August @ 22 Gibson St Bowden (enter from 3rd St).


2pm start – Live entertainment and BBQ refreshments as well as bikes and accessories for sale. 

3-3.30pm – Presentations followed by an interactive forum.

6pm – Doors close.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1459275237710371/