Graeme Gilbertson is not your average bloke in his 70s. He rides his bike… a lot. 

When you have a chat to Graeme, it’s hard not to be jealous for a few reasons.

Firstly, Graeme has one of the most exquisite bikes out on the market, a 30th anniversary “Look Aerolight 795“.

“It’s the tenth bike that I own. I’ve been riding for 12 years. Only 200 are made globally to celebrate the 30th anniversary since Greg Le Monde won the Tour De France in 1985 [on a carbon-fibre Look] ,” explains Graeme.

The second reason is because he’s fitter than guys half his age. The number of kilometres that Graeme chews through is mind boggling. Since getting his bicycle just one week ago, he’s already clocked over 285 kilometres on the machine.

And yes, Graeme will be riding Coast to Coast, but he’s not content with simply sticking to 120 kilometres.

“I’m going to do the full ride… and then I’ll be riding home – so I’ll be doing around 220 and 240 kilometres on the day of the ride.”

Most importantly, Graeme is adamant that cycling has changed his life. He didn’t discover cycling until he turned 60, but he hasn’t looked back.

“It’s been so good for me health-wise. I’ve defeated diabetes (type 2), my athsma is under control, I’ve lost heaps of weight. I think I’ve added 20 years to my life.”

And his ambitions don’t stop with Coast to Coast. He only tackled Mt Lofty’s summit for the first time in 2008 – but last year on his 70th birthday, he managed to climb the mythical Mt Ventoux (1,912m) twice in the same day.

The mythical Mt Ventoux in France, which became famous when British cyclist Tom Simpson tragically died while climbing it during the 1967 Tour De France.

In June 2018, his bucket list is to climb all three ascents of Mt Ventoux.

“If I can manage that I’ll probably take a gap year.”

We have a niggling feeling he won’t – but perhaps that’s just us.

Join Graeme  for Coast To Coast this Sunday 2 April and choose to ride 12, 65, 95 or 120 kilometres from Glenelg To Victor Harbor