FAQs Outback Odyssey

FAQs Outback Odyssey | May 2021

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Can I register and pay via Instalment Plan?

Yes, an Instalment Payment plan option is available via Hardcopy Registration form only

Download and post / email form to Bicycle SA, 11A Croydon Road, Keswick SA 5035, email office@bikesa.asn.au

You must make a minimum initial deposit payment of $510, followed by 2 further payments due on 30/11/2020
and 19/03/2021

NOTE: Full payment must be received by 19/03/2021 to guarantee your registration

What happens if Covid-19 travel restrictions prevent me from attending Outback Odyssey?

In the event the Government imposes cross border travel restrictions due to an outbreak of Covid-19 and you are prevented from participating in this event, or you are unable to fulfill any mandated period of quarantine / isolation, your registration fees may be transferred to a future event or refunded in full.

Where does the ride start from?

Our start will be from Adelaide CBD – venue to be confirmed

What time does the ride leave Adelaide on the first day?

Official start time is 9am, so please be early to register and load your luggage. Parking plus coffee and croissants will be available from 7am. There will be a briefing at 8.40am before we head off along the banks of the Torrens River and wave goodbye to the city.

How much luggage can I take?

The total luggage allowance is 25kg but individual luggage items must not exceed 14kg (it’s easier and safer to pack two lighter bags than one big bag). Excess baggage fees apply up to a maximum of 28kg. See the My Gear info sheet for more detail. If flying to Adelaide please take time to check your airline ticket/baggage restrictions.

What's the weather like in May?

May is a great time to be riding the Mawson Trail with relatively stable weather. The extreme heat of summer is gone and it’s not yet time for the full onset of winter chills. Typically it’s mild sunny days and cool nights – ideal for riding. Check out the Ride Guide or My Gear downloads in Participant Information tab of the Outback Odyssey Home page for more on what to expect with the weather

Do I need to supply my own tent and sleeping bag/mat for camping

Yes, the accommodation on Outback Odyssey is camping and you do need to supply your own tent, sleeping bag and inflatable mattress.
When you arrive in the campsite at the end of each day you’ll need to collect your luggage/tent from the luggage truck and set up your own tent. The next morning you pack everything up and take it back to the luggage truck for transport to the next destination.

Will there be cabin accommodation available on-route?

There may be the option of extra cabin/pub/B&B/motel accommodation in some places on route for riders to organise for themselves. You are more than welcome to do a combination of tent/cabin accommodation for the trip if you wish to have a few nights of luxury! See more information regarding accommodation options at each of the overnight venues.

How many meals are included in my registration fee? Do I need to pay for any meals?

The Outback Odyssey registration fee includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day EXCEPT for the following meals:

Breakfast on Day 1 – Saturday 1 May.
Lunch on the Rest Days at: Burra – Wednesday 5 May and Melrose – Monday 10 May
Lunch and Dinner on Final day – Sunday 16 May
For those participating in the shorter Mini-Mawson ride options, all daily meals are included apart from Dinner only on arrival day and Breakfast only on departure morning.

Does Outback Odyssey cater for special dietary requirements?

We shall do our utmost to cater for riders who have specific dietary requirements, i.e. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant, low fat, etc.
For those riders who have more specific dietary needs including low FODMAP, Paleo and food allergies, please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have.
Call 8168 9999 or send your queries to office@bikesa.asn.au

I am flying in to Adelaide on Friday. Can I drop my gear off straight from the airport?

Yes, you can to come straight to BikeSA & leave your bike/bags with us. Take a small overnight bag for your night in Adelaide to save the hassle of getting back to us on Saturday morning – office hours are 9-5pm.

How do I get my bike from the Airport to the Adelaide CBD?

Adelaide Airport Flyer offers door-to-door minibus transfers from/to Adelaide aiport, outer suburbs and surrounding area. Door-to-door 7 day service. Reservation is appreciated at least 48 hours prior to travel.
Phone 1300 856 444 or +61 8 8389 3528 | Fax +61 8 8389 3572 | www.adelaideairportflyer.com | info@adelaideairportflyer.com

Adelaide Superb Chauffeurs offer luxury airport transfers in a Mercedes Benz V-Class van and enclosed bike trailer. Maximum of 6 people.
Call Shane on 0477 788 654 or via their website www.adelaidesuperbchauffeurs.com

Where can I stay in the Adelaide CBD?

There are many accommodation options available in Adelaide to suit a wide variety of budgets and styles. There are many websites you can use to search for something suitable.

You can start by visiting www.southaustralia.com and viewing the Accommodation link – https://southaustralia.com/places-to-go/adelaide/accommodation

Or contact the Adelaide Visitor Information Centre on 1300 588 140    email: visitor@cityofadelaide.com.au      http://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/visitor

Where can I park my car whilst I'm on the Outback Odyssey?

Bicycle SA is currently negotiating access to secure parking facilities in Adelaide CBD. Further details including cost will be made available as soon as they are confirmed.

Car parking will also be available for those starting in Burra or Melrose – details to be advised.

What sort of bike should I take?

The Outback Odyssey is a ride for all who enjoy “off-road” riding, with kilometres of trail perfect for uninterrupted touring. The Trail’s unsealed roads are usually great to ride on. They’re wide with a good camber. Of course, there will always be a few potholes and crumbling edges in places, so care is needed. And in the Flinders Ranges you may come across washed out creek beds. The surface aggregate can change in an instant from firm and rocky to loose and sandy. And if there is a lot of rain, some parts of the trail can become quite sticky, slippery and at times very boggy. This is why knobbly mountain bikes tyres are essential.

On previous Outback Odyssey rides some have chosen to ride a lighter hybrid style bike with wide, grippy tyres and more recently Gravel / CX bikes have become more popular for off-road trail riding. Whilst it is possible to ride the Mawson Trail on any of these types of bikes, we have found that a mountain bike provides the best all round option to cater for a wide variety of trail surfaces and weather conditions.

We recommend you bring a mountain bike with a minimum of front suspension to allow a more comfortable ride all round. We would also highly recommend that your bike has disc brakes for increased braking efficiency and less likelihood of clogging with mud in wet conditions.

Please check out the My Bike info sheet for more details and advice on choosing a bike.

We also recommend that you talk to your local bike shop for more advice about bike selection and preparing your bike for the adventure.

Can I hire a bike in Adelaide for the Tour?

If you don’t have a suitable mountain bike, then you can hire one from Bicycle SA. We have a limited number to choose from in a range of sizes. Use the registration booking form or email office@bikesa.asn.au for more details.

Are electric / E-bikes allowed on Outback Odyssey?

Yes, you are more than welcome to use an electric assist bicycle, provided that it complies with South Australian Standards relevant to “Pedelec power assisted bicycles” i.e.maximum 250w power output using pedal-assist system only. View SA Compliance Details Here

A designated “recharging area” will be located at each overnight venue but you will need to provide your own cables for recharging batteries.
Please be aware that access to 240v power outlets may be limited in some venues and you will need to share recharging time with other riders.

Do I need to put my bike in a box for the coach transfer?

It is not necessary to pack your bike into a box for the coach transfer. We have plenty of cardboard/blankets to cushion the transported bikes. You may, however, have to turn the handlebars and / or remove the pedals, depending on the available space.

Can I be dropped from Blinman to Melrose on the coach transfer after the Outback Odyssey? Is there a set fee for this or do I have to pay the whole amount?

Yes, however the fee remains the same because your place on the bus still takes up a seat, which has to travel up from Adelaide.

What coach transfer services are available and what is the cost?

Adelaide to Burra (for Mini Mawson 2 riders) @ $85 Burra back to Adelaide (for Mini Mawson 1 riders) @ $85 Adelaide to Melrose (for Mini Mawson 3 riders) @ $95 Melrose back to Adelaide (for Mini Mawson 1 & 2 riders) @ $95 Melrose back to Burra (for Mini Mawson 2 riders) @ $95** Blinman back to Adelaide (for final stage Mawson riders) @ $145 Blinman back to Melrose (for Mini Mawson 3 riders) @ $145** Blinman back to Burra (for Mini Mawson 2 & 3 riders) @ $145**

**prices set as it takes up a seat from the Adelaide coach

What time do the coach transfers depart and arrive?

Adelaide to Burra – Wed 5 May Depart Adelaide @ 1pm from the Bicycle SA office: Arrive in Burra at approx 4pm. Burra to Adelaide – Wed 5 May Departs at 8.30am and arrives at approx 11.30am.

Adelaide to Melrose – Mon 10 May Depart Adelaide @ 1pm from the Bicycle SA office: Arrive in Melrose at approx 4pm. Melrose to Adelaide – Mon 10 May Departs at 8am and arrives at approx 12pm (depending if the bus needs to drop off at Burra).

Blinman to Melrose then Burra then Adelaide coach departs on the Sun 16 May at 9am. Buses will arrive back at Melrose at approx 12pm and at Burra at approximately 3pm.

Buses will arrive back in Adelaide at Bicycle SA office at approximately 6pm.

Can my family join me in their private vehicle?

Private support vehicles are not permitted along the route (sections of the Mawson Trail can only be accessed by special permit). Depending on capacity, special arrangements may be made with non-riding partners, to be part of the event, camping with us and sharing meals. However, there is a limit to how many people can participate in Outback Odyssey and priority will always be given to those riding.  Contact Bicycle SA for options. Non-riding partners may also consider volunteering for the event, helping with catering, logistics, transport or a range of other roles.
Contact volunteer coordinator Maureen Merrick for details – maureen.merrick@bikesa.asn.au

What happens if I am injured, unwell or family commitments prevent me from riding & participating in the event?

We recommend that all participants purchase travel insurance at the time of booking- to cover you for everything that could occur (cancellation due to illness/injury, lost/damaged baggage in transit, theft of bike, flight changes, etc.)  The following outlines our refund/cancellation policy

Cancellation notified more than 60 days prior to event – a $50 cancellation administration fee applies;

Cancellation notified 60 days or less and more than 30 days prior to event – a cancellation fee of 30% applies;

Cancellation notified 30 days or less and more than 14 days prior to event – a cancellation fee of 50% applies;

Cancellation notified 14 days or less prior to event – a cancellation fee of 100% applies

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here



Getting to the end of the ride was the most amazing feeling of achievement. I can't stress how much this ride really changed my life.

Rebecca , Outback Odyssey Participant

The scenery will quite seriously blow your mind. It's a ride like no other and Bike SA provides the most amazing support along the way

John , Outback Odyssey Participant