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Pre-registration - Collection of Ride ID & Information

All riders are requested to collect their Rider ID during specific pre-registration times at the Bicycle SA office, 11a Croydon Rd, Keswick. This will save you time at the start. You can collect your Rider ID between the hours of:
– 9.00am and 5.30pm on Thursday 11 March
– 9.00am and 5.30pm on Friday 12 March
If you have not collected your Ride ID number, info pack or optional jersey by 5.30pm on Friday 12 March, you must check in at the registration desk at the start location to collect them on the morning of the ride.
Please note: they are not mailed out.
You can collect on behalf of someone else providing you have a copy of their payment receipt
Your Rider ID number will give you access to all food and refreshment stations en-route and at the finish.
Your Rider ID number should be attached to the front of your jersey or the handlebars so it is visible from the front. This will assist in identifying you in the official event photographs
You can deposit small bags and items with the ‘cloakroom’ to be collected at the finish

Start Venue Information

GLENELG START – 120km ride – CANCELLED – Due to ongoing resealing and upgrade works on the SE Freeway
If you choose to cycle to the start in Stirling please be aware that you will need to use the bike path starting from the Tollgate at the bottom of the SE Freeway and follow the normal 120km route using the bike path via Mt Barker Rd / Eagle on Hill / Crafers.
Riders should be aware however, that there may be increased vehicle traffic on Mt Barker Rd via Eagle on the Hill due to diversions from the Freeway up-track. Riders should also take into account the time that it takes to ride to Stirling and should consider being dropped off in Stirling if they feel they will not arrive in Stirling in time for the start. Allow at least 1hr from the bottom of the Freeway. The tail-end Support / Sag vehicle will leave Stirling at 8.30am.

STIRLING START – 95km ride
Location Stirling Library, corner Mount Barker Road and Merrion Terrace
Registration opens 7.00am – You must be registered by 7.40am
Rider briefing 7.40am
Start time 8.00am
** Registrations (issuing of Rider ID) will be possible at the Rotunda on the lawns in front of Stirling library – this may take between 5 and 10 minutes, so allow plenty of time.

  • You can deposit small bags and items with the “cloakroom” to be collected at the finish.
  • The start line is in the carpark of the Stirling Library.
  • Prior to the start we will be asking riders to place themselves in kilometre rankings based on estimated average speed. These rankings will be 20km/h, 25km/h and 30km/h.
  • Beginning with the fastest group and ending with the slowest group, riders need to gather towards the start line and wait for the countdown to go.
  • There is limited parking in Stirling. Riders are advised to take advantage of the optional transfer bus from Adelaide CBD or have someone drop them off. You can, of course, ride to the start if your legs are up to it. If you do need to leave a vehicle in Stirling for the day please be aware of local parking restrictions and park away from the main street. You can park at Stirling Oval, Apex Park or in side streets where it is possible to park well off the road. Please be aware that there are parking limits in the shopping centre carpark behind the main street shops. THIS IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE DROPPED OFF or for your friends/family to park just for the duration for the start.
  • Portable toilets will be available at the start
  • Stirling is approximately 25 minutes drive from Adelaide CBD via the Freeway

MEADOWS START – 65km ride
Location Meadows Memorial Hall, Mawson Road
Registration opens 7.00am – You must be registered by 7.40am
Rider briefing 7.40am
Start time 8.00am
** Registrations (issuing of Rider ID) may take between 5 and 10 minutes, so allow plenty of time

  • You can deposit small bags and items with the “cloakroom” to be collected at the finish.
  • The start line is at the side of the Meadows Hall.
  • Parking is possible at the Meadows Hall and the Meadows Oval or along Mill St, however riders can take advantage of the optional transfer bus from Adelaide CBD or have someone drop them off. If parking in Meadows for the day please be aware that there will be a local cricket match on during the morning and afternoon and drivers are advised to park away from the Oval perimeter in the area behind the clubrooms.
  • There are public toilet facilities at the Meadows Hall and also at the adjacent Battunga Park

VICTOR HARBOR START – 10km or 20km ride
Location Warland Reserve, junction of Esplanade and Flinders Parade
Registration opens 9.15am – You must be registered by 9.40am
Rider briefing 9.40am
Start time 10.00am

The MINI COAST TO COAST is a 10km or 20km led loop ride starting and finishing in Victor Harbor along the Encounter Bikeway. The two loop options mean you can choose to complete one loop of 10km, or ride the second loop and make it a total of 20km. The route has been specially designed for people who want a relaxing ride along beautiful coastline, using shared coastal pathways and selected roads. The MINI COAST TO COAST ride starts in Warland Reserve at 10am with the first 10km loop heading west along the waterfront to The Whalers Inn and then returning to Warland Reserve. Those riders who are continuing on the second 10km loop will head east along Flinders Parade and join the Encounter Bikeway to Port Elliot where the turnaround point will be at the reserve adjacent to Port Elliot YHA

Join the MINI COAST TO COAST and take advantage of all the benefits enjoyed by those riding from Adelaide. Ride Marshals will support you along the way, providing support and back up for those in need. There will be refreshments provided at Warland Reserve as well as mechanical and pick up support along the way. When you get back to Victor Harbor you can celebrate your achievement and join in the fun and festivities at the Warland Reserve event village, including lunch and more refreshments.


Finish Venue Information

All riders finish at Warland Reserve, Victor Harbor. As you approach Warland Reserve along the closed section of Flinders Parade you will directed to final path to the Finish Arch.
There is no need to check in or scan at the finish. You’ve made it so relax and enjoy the festivities.
Please clear the finish area promptly so as not to impede other riders finishing and make use of the bike racks to “park” your bike. (Feel free to bring a lock to secure your bike)
Just after the finish line you will be directed to the food counter where you receive your lunch – a filled wrap plus muffin and a piece of fruit. Please only take the vegetarian option if you indicated this on your registration.
Special diets may be catered for if you advise us through your registration.

Drinking water is also available at the finish.

Additional food and refreshments will be available for sale from local providers, including snacks, hot food, coffees, ice-cream and soft-drinks.

Optional massage services is available, $1/minute with payment made direct to the masseur.

Entertainment includes live music, bouncy castle, face painting and more.

Victor Harbor is approximately 80km from Adelaide CBD via the Southern Expressway and A13. There is general pay & display, plus limited time parking available near Warland Reserve.
While riders, family and friends are very welcome to join in the festival of entertainment and activities at Warland Reserve, they cannot follow the ride route in their own vehicles. The ride route must be kept clear of personal support vehicles to reduce the level of traffic and, most importantly, allow for the easy movement of emergency vehicles and official Bicycle SA support vehicles.

Coach Transfers

All coach transfers must be booked in advance at the time of registration. Bookings will not be possible on the day of the event. If there is spare capacity on the coaches an announcement will be made on the PA system at the event village. Coach transfers back to Meadows, Stirling and Adelaide/Glenelg depart at 1:30pm and 3.00pm. Loading will begin 30 minutes prior to departure. Cut off time to arrive and load your bike is 15 minutes prior to departure. Coaches will depart promptly from adjacent to the finish line so make sure you’re on board in plenty of time. Late arrivals may not be able to be accommodated.

You will be required to help with loading your bike. Depending on available bike storage space, you may be required to remove your front wheel and / or remove pedals and turn handlebars. Cardboard packing sheets and blankets will be used to protect bikes in transit.

Note: Optional bus transfers are arranged through Genesis Tour and Charter and/or other contracted companies. Bicycle SA will not be liable or responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential or accidental damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity of any kind which may be occasioned by reason of any act or omission of any third party, including Genesis Coach and Charter. Genesis have been providing passenger and bike transfer services for many years. Whilst all care is taken with your bikes and packing blankets are used to protect the bikes, Genesis does not assume any liability for any damage that may occur in transit except damage caused by major events such as fire, collision or overturning of the conveyancing vehicle.
Please contact Genesis directly on (08) 8552 4000 if you would like more information about their insurance and liability.

Bicycle SA strongly recommends all participants have appropriate Personal Accident and Ambulance Insurance, as well as cover for their bike. Third Party and Personal Accident insurance covers current Bicycle SA members.


Road Safety Awareness

  • You must obey all Australian Road Rules.
  • Be aware that this is an open road event and you will be sharing the road with other traffic.
  • Mini Coast to Coast riders – on shared-use paths there will be pedestrians and other users, so keep to your left, give way, pass only on the right of others and give plenty of clear warning of your approach.

  • Keep to the left and ride single file.
  • Move to the left to allow motor vehicles to overtake.
  • Keep your distance from those in front.
  • Move off the road before you dismount.
  • You must wear an approved Australian Standards bicycle helmet.
  • Use of flashing front and rear lights and wearing bright clothing is highly recommended to improve your visibility to others
  • You must ensure your bike is serviced and ready for the ride; limited mechanical assistance is available en route.
  • Along open road sections you must ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time.
  • Pass only in single file and only on the right of other riders.
  • Be aware of your fellow riders and other traffic. Indicate and call out your intention to slow down, stop or change direction
  • Be sociable and safe. Ride with someone who can tell you to slow down.
  • Practice safe Group Riding techniques – check out Bunch Riding Skills For Cyclists
  • Take care as other traffic may be travelling at high speeds.
  • Private support vehicles are not permitted along the route. Vehicles belonging to family and friends must use an alternative route.
  • The police will be patrolling the route and any riders found to be riding outside of the road rules will be subject to penalties under the Australian Road Rules.

Signage & Marshals

  • From start to finish there will be Bicycle SA RED arrows and other signage marking the route.
  • Signs will also indicate when you are approaching a refreshment station.
  • There will be marshals (wearing fluorescent vests) on the route, riding bicycles and in vehicles, as well as at stationary posts. All volunteers and staff involved in the event will be clearly identifiable. The marshals do not have the authority to stop motorists; they are there for your safety and other road users. Please listen and follow their instructions.

Refreshment Stations

There will be drink stations along the route as indicated below:

  • 1. MEADOWS HALL 26km Drinks only
  • 2. WILLUNGA HILL 23km/49km Drinks, fruit and snacks
  • 3. HINDMARSH TIERS ROAD 40km/70km Drinks, fruit and snacks


  • At each station Nippy’s water and juices, plus hydration product will be available. All riders must bring water to the start of the event and we suggest you bring some extra snacks to eat along the way or should you happen to break down.
  • Lunch (a filled wrap, muffin and fresh fruit) is available after you arrive at the Victor Harbor finish. (Note: Lunch is NOT included for Mini Coast to Coast riders) There will also be supplementary water and hydration product available.

Refreshment Stations are the ideal places to step off your bike for a moment, have a rest, catch up with your riding buddies, enjoy the scenery and importantly, re-apply your sunscreen and make sure that you keep your hydration levels up.

Mechanical Support En-Route

Limited mechanical support will be available at the start and at the refreshment stations along the route. Limited roaming mechanical support en-route will also be available. All official event vehicles and marshals will have the resources to help with punctures, though riders are responsible for carrying their own repair kits and spare tubes as well as ensuring that their bike is mechanically sound before the event.

Book your bike in for a pre-ride service with any of our event partners below to ensure it will perform as well as you! If possible they aim for a 24hr turnaround to get you out on the road quickly with little delay ** conditions apply.


ADELAIDE MOBILE BICYCLE SERVICE      ADELAIDE & SUBURBS – Mobile service Tel: 0466 343 885

VELO MECH   HAPPY VALLEY Tel: 0449 592 950

Extreme Weather

Riders should be reassured that Coast to Coast has in place strategies to deal with hot weather. Firstly the ride is scheduled for mid-March, taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather of early Autumn.

There will be four refreshment stations en route, offering water, juice and hydration product plus snacks at Willunga Hill. In addition there will be Ride Marshals and multiple support vehicles en route providing extra back up, including:

  • Support Bus
  • Rapid Response vehicle
  • Sag Wagon
  • Maintenance Support
  • St John First Aid

Each vehicle will carry additional water supplies. Water and hydration product are also available at both start locations and at the finish.
Extreme weather that may influence any decision to modify, postpone or cancel the ride, would be assessed using the following criteria:

  • If three or more consecutive days leading up to the event day experience extreme apparent/wet bulb temperatures
  • If the forecast for event day is for extreme apparent/wet bulb temperatures
  • Hot / strong winds are forecast

In the event of forecast hot weather during the week beginning Monday 9 March, regular assessments will be made. If extreme weather is expected, the option remains to modify, postpone or cancel the ride, and any such decision will not be made any later than 8am Saturday 13 March. In this case any change would be highlighted on the Bicycle SA website and attempts would be made to contact registered riders by email or telephone.
As detailed in the Conditions of Entry, if the event is cancelled, fees are transferable to other Bicycle SA rides or refundable.

Riders are encouraged to monitor the weather forecast and prepare appropriately. Detailed weather information can be found on www.bom.gov.au

Please get in touch if you would like further information. office@bikesa.asn.au Tel: (08) 8168 9999


Emergency / Incident Procedures


In the event of an incident, use the following checklist as a guide:

  • Ensure your safety first
  • Ensure the safety and welfare of any injured person, any participants, volunteers and/or public
  • Contact appropriate emergency authorities, stating your name, location, phone number, role and service(s) required
  • Remain at the scene until emergency assistance arrives, unless safe to do so
  • Provide all possible assistance to emergency services
  • Record all actions and times and details of all involved, including possible witnesses as soon as practical. If necessary / possible take photographs
  • Contact Bicycle SA as soon as possible on 8168 9901


  • RAPID RESPONSE (non-emergency) 0447 559 521
  • SUPPORT BUS (pick up) 0447 529 935
  • SAG WAGON (Follows last rider) 0438 438 846
  • EVENT OPERATIONS CENTRE (event enquiries) 8168 9901
  • BICYCLE SA OFFICE (general enquiries) 8168 9999
  • EVENT MANAGER 0427 771 821

Please note that every attempt has been made to ensure the details contained in this information are accurate at the time of posting, however things can change and we urge you to check the validity of the information yourself.


Seriously, this one's a classic. You don't want to miss out. I do it every year with my work and it's a real challenge but the pain is worth it.

Ian , Coast To Coast Participant

I started in Stirling, and the back roads all the way through to Victor were breathtaking. Bicycle SA provided such great support along the way. Thanks team!

Caroline , Coast To Coast Participant