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10 Great Tips for Riding to Work

Did you know over 10,000 people now ride to work in the city of Adelaide?!

  1. Service your bike - Are you using a bike that has been in the shed for a year or more? Have it serviced by your local bike store, or take a Bike Maintenance Course. Make sure you undertake a quick safety check every time you cycle, checking your brakes and tyres.
  2. Choose your cycling wardrobe - Day time: Wear light and bright colours during the day to ensure you are visible to other road users. Night time: Invest in reflective clothing or vest, and good quality head and tail-lights if you plan to cycle at night time or at dusk. There are many lights on the market with prices ranging from $15 to $1000. Read more
  3. Be seen on your bike in daytime and at night
  4. Consider a bike buddy
  5. Select a cycle route
  6. Do a test run
  7. Start slowly
  8. Planning your day
  9. Grooming and Avoiding 'helmet hair'
  10. Bicycle parking - keeping your bike safe

The funding arrangements for our projects vary considerably, including through state departments like DPTI, Commonwealth schemes such as the Healthy Communities Initiative, OPAL, Travelsmart and Councils.

Bicycle SA currently offers over 15 different services to Councils, and their communities, including an extensive range of practical education, recreational cycling events, online support and information, bicycle planning and major initiative consulting. All of these services have been developed through a consultative process and designed to be 'fit for purpose'. They are strongly linked to achieving particular interventions or objectives and for delivery to identified market segments.

The services are summarised below along with the intervention or objective they (principally) serve, and to whom the intervention is aimed.