COVID-19 Policy

Update Surrounding COVID-19


Directions have now been released for Level 3: Medium Restrictions which will commence at 12:01am on Wednesday 28 July 2021. Directions include the following –
No team, club or school sport competition until at least next weekend. Training is allowed under the below density rules. (Note: Exact competition commencement date is not specified in the current directions, we can expect further advice on this in the week ahead).
1 person per 4 square metres density applies with the exception of indoor fitness facilities.
1 person per 8 square metres density applies to indoor fitness facilities. Indoor fitness facilities include –
  • Gymnasiums
  • Health Clubs
  • Fitness Centres
  • Yoga, Barre and Spin facilities
  • Dance and Pilates Studios
  • Swimming Pools (except those used for rehabilitation purposes by an authorised health or disability practitioner)
No communal consumption facilities (eg: buffets, shared water stations).
Seated food and beverage consumption only (both indoor and outdoor).
Mandatory masks for indoor fitness facilities (except while exercising).
Mandatory masks for shared indoor public places (eg: supermarkets).
Masks recommended for other indoor spaces such as shared offices.
If you can continue to work from home, recommended to do so for at least the next seven days.
In addition, a reminder to keep up good hygiene practices between training sessions, particularly in changerooms and shared areas such as clubrooms. Covid Marshals remain a requirement as do Covid Safe Plans, which will be automatically updated and sent to you. If your requirements have changed since you last submitted your plan, you will need to resubmit this. Continue to ensure QR codes are displayed and in use by all in attendance at your club.
Stay safe everyone. Enjoy your training this week and we look forward to seeing you back into the swing of the season next weekend, all going well.

For further information visit – HERE

QR codes for contact tracing

  • All businesses or organisations with a COVID Safe Plan will be required to display a COVIDSAfeCheckIn QR Code, and also provide an alternate paper record sheet, for contact tracing records.
  • Where there are multiple user groups at the one venue e.g. a recreation centre, it is the responsibility of the owner of the venue or the person with care, control and management of the venue to enable the contract tracing process to take place.
  • Please refer to the attached COVID Safe Check-in PDF’s for individuals and businesses.

COVID Marshals

  • COVID Marshals are still required for all prescribed operations including sporting clubs, gyms and fitness centres and swimming pools used by the public.

And don’t forget to download the COVID-19 app!!.