FAQ - Bike Maintenance

  1. How many people in a class?
    Our class size is limited to 10 participants. An experienced instructor works with small groups in Bicycle SA's dedicated maintenance workshop.

  2. Are tools lubricants and cleaning materials included?
    Bike SA has equipped each workstation with a full selection workshop quality tools, professional lubricants and cleaning materials applicable to the course content.

  3. Are bikes and workshop examples provided?
    At Bike SA we have a huge fleet of bicycles, partial bicycles, "exploded" components and wheels devoted solely to use in the classroom. Each workstation is equipped with specialised equipment selected and set up for the sole purpose of optimizing your learning.

  4. Are reference materials included?
    Our commitment to help you learn after leaving the classroom is unmatched. Bike SA uses the 200 page Haynes "Complete Bicycle Maintenance 5th Edition" as a reference and resource manual for all our maintenance courses. Valued at $40.00 RRP the Haynes "Complete Bicycle Maintenance 5th Edition" is the most up to date an easy to understand bicycle maintenance reference available, and can be purchased at the discounted price of $35.00 inc GST when you participate in one of Bike SA's Bike Maintenance Courses. (included free of charge in Bike SA's Advanced Maintenance Course).

    As experienced education providers we understand that taking notes can be the most distracting part of any practical learning experience. By utilising this comprehensive workshop manual you don't have a need to take notes during the course, however do leave with written materials in excess of the subject matter covered in our courses. Participant's are provided with a manual for reference during the program and the option to purchase a copy after the program at a heavily discounted price. We strongly suggest you purchase a copy to take home at the end of your course. Please pre-order your copy when completing your course registration form or alternatively enquire about ordering your copy from your course facilitator upon completion of your course. Included in this publication is all the information covered in our maintenance courses and a whole lot more! The Haynes "Complete Bicycle Maintenance 5th Edition" guides you through all the relevant procedures down to the last detail. Through step-by-step pictorial layouts and comprehensive explanations, you have on hand the most detailed reference to refer to for years after you leave our workshop.

  5. Do I need to bring my own bike?
    We encourage you to bring your own bike so that you can have a go at performing the maintenance tasks on it directly. Many bikes are different and having your own bike there will help you ask questions relating to your particular bike and learn to recognise its parts. However, it isn't compulsory to bring your own bike as we have plenty of demonstration bikes available for you to practice on. Please also note that time is not available within this course framework to discuss all brands and component types, their specific tooling requirements, variations to servicing specifications and removal and replacement procedures. The theory and practical procedures for removal, replacement and servicing are very similar however between brands. We endeavour to provide you with the procedural outline for Sram and Shimano products (the two most common brands). Please be aware that alternative brands product specifics and are covered in detail within the Haynes manual (Bontrager and Campag). This includes the identification of variations in tool requirements and procedural requirements with individual brands and models.

  6. How hands-on will I get?
    Approximately seventy percent of the program time is divided between demonstration and lecture, and thirty percent is hands-on work at your workstation.

  7. Will I get a certificate?
    Based on your performance and attendance, you will earn a certificate of completion.

  8. What do I need to wear?
    It is best to wear old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Closed shoes must be worn in the workshop area due to OH&WS regulations. Workshop aprons are provided to all participants for use in the workshop, non latex gloves are available at each workstation to avoid getting messy hands and transfer of oils and grease between components.I

  9. Morning and afternoon tea? What is provided?
    We provide tea and coffee, delicious fruitcake and an assortment of biscuits. NOTE: participants must provide their own lunch.

  10. Is parking available?
    Bike SA has a limited secure vehicle parking area for maintenance course participants. Please make your way to the loading zone out the front of our office and come in to collect a key at reception for the locked gate of our compound. Reception staff will provide further instructions. Secure bike parking is also available including showers and changing facilities.

  11. Is it possible to have a maintenance course held at our workplace or school?
    Yes, we can tailor bicycle maintenance courses to suit your needs whether that be a women's only course or a training session in your workplace. For more information on tailor made workshops please contact us on office@bikesa.asn.au or call 08 8168 9999

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