Basic Bike Care

5.30pm-8.30pm Tuesday / 1 x 3 hrs

This three hour course is designed specifically for those just starting out or who haven't got the bike out the shed for a long, long time!
The Basic Bike Care course aims to give you the additional knowledge you need to get your bike back onto the road or trail with extra confidence. We provide you with a better understanding of the working parts of your bike which will make the retail experience of purchasing accessories, and even a new bike for those newbies, that little bit easier. It's amazing how far a little knowledge goes to help you find the right product at the right price without having to buy it twice.

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"I went knowing nothing about bikes and left knowing a whole lot. What a great course to get to know your bike"

You will learn how to clean and lubricate the major mechanical working groups of your bike and get the inside story on puncture repair. Puncture repair is a must know for all cyclists as the "it won't happen to me, I never get punctures" argument doesn't really wash when you are 10kms from home either on the trail or the roadside and don't have the tools or the knowledge to confidently get your steed repaired and rolling again. But don't worry... in Bicycle SA's Basic Bike Care course, our expert facilitators will show you how it's done!

It was thoroughly well organized and everyone was extremely helpful, no matter how absurd our questions seemed!"


  1. Removal and adjustment examples provided
  2. Please familiarise yourself with this document to ensure this course structure will suit your individual requirements before submitting your registration form.

Download Basic Bike Care Course Outline.

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