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Bicycle SA has a Guide to Bicycle Advocacy to help give cyclists a voice! The guide has been posted to all of our members, however, you do not have to be a member to take advantage of the valuable information included in this package. Use it as a guide to campaign governments at all levels about issues concerning you, the cyclist.

Effective cycling advocates can create positive change

Bike SA believes strongly that cycling can bring change through improving a communities' health, environment, as an economic driver for tourism and as an effective mode of transport, recreation and sport. There is always the danger that opportunities for cycling to provide these many and varied benefits are forgotten or missed in the political debate and it is therefore important to keep cycling in the forefront of politicians' minds.

A co-operative approach

Because cycling has such a positive potential impact on issues in the Transport, Environment, Health, Recreation and Sport and Tourism portfolios, there has often been no single agency taking responsibility to support it in a proactive way. While Bike SA recognises the responsibility of all relevant portfolios to support cycling, there needs to be a single department with a coordinating role. As transport infrastructure underpins the success of any cycling program, we believe the Department of Transport needs to adopt this role. Bike SA recognises that a good working relationship with stakeholders and partners in the transport industry is an absolute necessity. The advocacy tools used by Bicycle SA play an important role in not only speaking for the community, but in determining what it is that the community requires, and how it wants Bicycle SA to respond to issues.

To achieve the goals set out in this document, Bicycle SA will continue to promote its strong advocacy message, and will use many different tools to ensure that the entire cycling community is both heard and represented in the transport debate.

These tools include:
  • eNews updates informing members, partners and Government of the status of advocacy efforts and the views of the cycling community.
  • Direct advocacy to Ministers and Department CEOs, demonstrating the role of cycling as a tool for achieving both strategic targets for cycling, as well as elements of the South Australian State Plan.
  • Online polling to determine the mood and direction of the cycling community on a diverse range of issues, and as a tool for demonstrating those views to Government and Department heads.
  • The proposal of programs such as Bicycle Friendly Communities and other funding opportunities to Government.

Bike SA calls on all cyclists to assist us in our efforts to improve the conditions of cyclists and to promote cycling as a safe, clean, healthy, environmentally sustainable for of transport, recreation and tourism.