Quick Facts

Established in 1982, Bicycle SA has over 6,000 members, delivers over 2,000 free community rides per year and runs some of the biggest, mass-participation rides in South Australia each year. We support over 70,000 participations every year, with the help of 53 full-time and casual employees and over 200 volunteers.

About Us

Bicycle SA is the peak body for recreational and commuter cycling in South Australia (Independent, non-government, not-for-profit association supporting all recreational cyclists and members). We promote all types of cycling Рfor recreation, for transport, for health, for the environment, for tourism and for fun. We advocate on behalf of all recreational cyclists, delivers year-round programmes and events, and are the largest non-government provider of cycle tourism in South Australia, with the biggest programme of touring and recreational cycling activity in Australia.

Our Strategic Plan


Opening Hours

Our office is located at 11A Croydon Rd, Keswick 5035. We’re open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Programs & Courses

  • Adelaide’s Free Bikes hire programme seven days per week to 23,000 visitors, residents and city workers, through various CBD nodes
  • The Department for Transport Energy and Infrastructure’s ‘Way2Go Bike Ed’ programme to 8,000 primary school students each year
  • Adult cycle proficiency and maintenance courses
  • Safety education programmes in communities
  • Workplace support programmes and lectures
  • BikeSTART.com.au – free online support to get you started

Partners & Sponsors

  • Local, state and federal governments
  • Community stakeholders
  • Charities and other not-for-profit associations
  • Commercial sponsors and supporters

Our Board

Maureen Merrick OAM


Nathan Petrus


Michael Killmier


Anne Smith


Chris Beauchamp


Warwick Cooper


Nick Spyrou


Rowan McKeown


Carol Seely

Patron Stephen Yarwood office@bikesa.asn.au
Executive Board
President Maureen Merrick OAM maureen.merrick@bikesa.asn.au
Vice-President Nathan Petrus
Treasurer Michael Killmier
Secretary Anne Smith
Members Chris Beauchamp, Warwick Cooper, Carol Seely, Rowan McKeown, Nick Spyrou

Management Team:

Christian Haag

Chief Executive Officer

Russell Miatke

Events Manager

Chris Hutchinson

Membership Manager

Kay Davis

Education Manager
Chief Executive Officer Christian Haag christianh@bikesa.asn.au
Events Manager Russell Miatke russellm@bikesa.asn.au
Communications Manager David Valente david@bikesa.asn.au
Membership Services Chris Hutchinson office@bikesa.asn.au
Accounts Ling Giang lingg@bikesa.asn.au
Education Development Manager Kay Davis kay@bikesa.asn.au