What time does each ride start?

Ride registration will open from 8:30am with ride departure to at 9:30: Please check your rider information closer to the event date in case of any changes.

What is ride registration / check-in?

Ride registration confirms you are there on the day. It also gives us a chance to discuss any important personal information with you. You will be given your event number plate which needs to be attached to your shirt or your bike. Please hand your number plate back to us when you have finished your Dirty Days ride. Registration opens from 8:30am.

Where is the registration / check-in?

The registration / check-in desk will be located in the event centre which will be sign posted from the car park.

What sort of food/drinks are included?

A refreshment stop will generally be located at the start/finish/event centre area. Here you can enjoy a water/hydration product/fruit juice - biscuits and fruitcake/fruit to refuel. We will have a sausage sizzle at the end waiting for you for lunch. Vegetarian and gluten free options available - just indicate this on your registration form.

What if I have mechanical problems?

Before your ride: Please have a look over your bike or get someone else to before ride day. Your local bike shop is also able to do this for you and will get your bike in tip top shape. On the trail: move your bike to the side of the road, turn it upside down and call the mechanical support number listed on your route map. There are ride marshals who may be able to assist or the support vehicle can collect you and your bike should you be unable to finish. Please note: we recommend that you carry at least a small tool kit with spare tube/tyre patches and you know how to use them. Please refer to the Be_Prepared_(2).pdf resource for more information on how to make sure that both you and your bicycle are in top condition for the ride.

Bike SA runs maintenance courses throughout the year, please refer to https://www.bikesa.asn.au/bikemaintenance for details.

What bike should I use?

These rides have been developed for mountain bikes with front suspension in mind. You will be able to finish these rides with bikes without suspension if you have plenty of experience but for beginners, bikes with front suspension and fat tyres are simply safer and much more comfortable on loose and sometimes rocky trails.

What should I wear?

Check out the weather forecast or email updates from Bike SA - as we are riding in the Adelaide Hills the weather can change quickly. Quick drying clothes as well as a light rain jacket suitable for cycling would be great, gloves if you have them will help with the early morning chill as well as save your hands from falls - layering is always useful as the temperature changes on the day. Cycling shoes or shoes with a small toe rim and stiff sole are best. Avoid wearing open shoes or anything that goes up the ankle or beyond. No lycra necessary!

Are the trails closed for Dirty Days events?

No - the Dirty Days series is held within public accessible parks. Within each park it is possible that you come across walkers, other mountain bikers, horse riders or vehicles. You may be crossing and sharing public roads with traffic at some point (these will be clearly marked) - usual South Australian Road rules apply when riding on public roads including riding no more than two abreast and then only when safe to do so. Be aware of your position on the road and how visible you are to traffic - both oncoming and approaching from the rear.
The route is clearly marked with Bicycle SA red arrows which are easy to follow. Copies of the map are available at registration and in the interests of your safety, please take a copy with you.

Do I need to let you know when I have finished or if I withdraw during the ride?

Yes please, it gives us a clearer idea of how many people are still riding. We would also like to have your number plate back for the next event. If you decide to withdraw part-way through the ride and go directly home or have someone collect you, please call 8186 9999 to advise.

If you are unable to participate or choose not to participate in the event, registration fees are non-refundable however a registration may be transferred to another rider. Email office@bikesa.asn.au with a completed hardcopy registration form of the new rider & your authority to transfer your registration to them.

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