Creating Cycle Friendly workplaces with Bicycle SA  

If you are encouraging commuter and recreational cycling in your workplace, why not consider some of the following options that Bike SA has tailor-made to see more staff cycling more often, in safer and healthier workplaces:

1. Corporate training and presentations

Educating your workforce through our Commuter Cycling Support series reduces the risk of employees being involved in cycling related incidents, and helps to build a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Read more.
2. Bike Fleet

Provide your staff with a fully serviced cost effective bike fleet for intra-day work trips and commuting. Read more
3. Corporate Membership

Give your bicycle commuting staff comprehensive health and third party liability cover, discounts to events, bike equipment needs, and education among many other benefits. Read more
4. Bike parking facilities and advice

Bicycle SA use and recommend a range of designers, manufacturer and installers of bike parking facilities, and there are great discounts available if you go through Bike SA. Call Sam Drummond on 8168 9904 to discuss your needs, suggestions on facilities, and companies that can meet those needs.
5. BikeSTART

Encourage new riders to try the FREE on-line tool that provides self assessment and support for those contemplating cycling. BikeSTART Read more or visit www.bikestart.com.au

Why should you care?

By helping your organisation become a bike-friendly workplace Bike SA can reduce the risks of bicycle related incidents, increase safety and help you build a happier, more productive workforce. For more tips on creating a Cycling Friendly Workplace, the South Australian government has some useful suggestions. Read more


Please get in contact with Sam Drummond of Bike SA to discuss any of these services, our current projects and the opportunity to consider innovative ways to meet the needs of your community.

Sam Drummond
Business Development Manager
Bike SA
08 8168 9999


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