Way2Go Bike Ed Program  

Bicycle SA has delivered the Way2Go Bike Ed program since 1995 in South Australia. During that time there have been over 80,000 students in years 4, 5, 6 & 7 that have participated successfully in Way2Go Bike Ed.

Way2Go Bike Ed is a national road safety initiative that encourages personal cycling safety, and the development of responsible behaviours when travelling and participation in physical activity for student ages 9-13 (years 4-7).

Through a considered decision making process in a practical learning environment, participants are given the opportunity to develop awareness of road safety and the consequences of their behaviour. Students are prepared for on road cycling and learn the skills and attitudes required for safe cycling in low to medium traffic environments.



What the teachers and students say

"It's had a positive influence on children's confidence in riding bikes. A lot more children have been riding to school. The instructor's were most professional and supportive and there was enough equipment for the students." Year 5/6 teacher Athelstone Primary.

"We feel more confident and safer on the road." Prescott Primary Southern Year 6/7 students.

"The student's have benefited greatly from this experience and have learnt many rules on the road. The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable. I loved the real life examples that were used. The instructors were very informative and related well with the children." Year 5 teacher Star of the Sea Catholic School

"It's really awesome! Now I can ride my bike safer around my neighbourhood and teach my family" Salisbury Downs Primary Grade 6 student.

"The presenter's were very professional and positive in their manner with both staff and students. The team went out of their way to ensure all students had a positive bike riding experience. I would be very keen for the Bike Ed to be run at our school again, as I believe it's a very worthwhile program." Year 6/7 teacher Athelstone Primary

"It was totally awesome! I liked going on the roads. It was fun. I liked riding and we learnt new things around safety" Mawson Lakes Primary Grade 5 student

What will our program achieve?

The objective of the Way2Go Bike Ed program is to enable children to achieve:

1. Knowledge and understanding of the road traffic environment and the applicable law
2. The development of physical and cognitive skills to manage such an environment safely, as a cyclist
3. The development of responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision-making skills for the safe use of bicycles both on and off the road through participation in enjoyable learning experiences relevant to their ages and abilities

The Way2Go Bike Ed program operates over a 7-session period with one 1.5 hr session for each participating class each programming day or 10.5 hours of delivery in total.

A typical metropolitan program consists of three classes of up to 30 students enrolling in the program (a maximum of 90 students from each school), participating on 1 scheduled day of the week for 1.5 hours each week for 7 weeks.

A typical regional program consists of three classes of up to 30 students enrolling in the program (a maximum of 90 students from each school), participating in a 1.5 hr session each day and the 7 programming days run concurrently (excluding weekends).

Way2Go Bike Ed is proudly supported by the Government of South Australia through The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure and in some cases your local government organisations. The Way2Go Bike Ed program is of no direct cost to schools and no direct cost is incurred by students, however, there are some material costs that the school is required to provide. Including a photocopy facility for weekly follow-up and preparatory worksheets and nametags for each participant.

Please note: DTEI and LGO free programming allocations are limited; fee-for-service delivery options are available for schools and community organisations who are not eligible for this free programming allocation.