Mountain Biking Codes and Advocacy  

Bike SA has been a leader in the development of mountain biking trails and events for many years, and its work has ensured that South Australia is seen as a leader in the development of this recreational biking.

Mountain Bike Code of Practice
  • Plan your ride

  • Obey 'No Bicycle' signs
  • Ride only on formed trails designated for cycling
  • Do not take short cuts or form new trails
  • Share the trail
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Avoid riding in wet, muddy conditions
  • Ride lightly and leave no trace or rubbish
  • Control your bike
  • Do not disturb plants and animals
  • Clean your bike, don't spread weeds or plant diseases
  • Tell other people about this code

How can mountain bikers minimise their impact?

Adhere to the MTB Code of Practice!
Be aware of Phytophthora - the soil borne root fungus that's killing our native vegetation. It spreads through the bush by the movement of mud and water, so help prevent its spread by heeding 'no access' & warning signs, staying on designated trails, and keeping your bike clean. Hygiene stations for walkers have been installed throughout the Mt Lofty Ranges; use them and look out for bike-specific ones planned for introduction
Share the trails and respect other users, maintain control of your bike, and leave no trace

How do we design a low maintenance trail that won't erode, widen or collapse?

The key is to use trail design features that ensure effective drainage, such as:

  • Full bench construction in mineral soil, with rock armouring where possible
  • Appropriate trail routing (for instance along contours rather than across them) at reasonably gentle gradients (around 10% average)
  • Out sloping tread surface with frequent undulations (grade dips) to improve drainage
  • Good trail flow to reduce the need for the heavy braking that can create ruts

Involving the community in planning, building and maintaining trails, and helping to enhance the host environment is integral to managing recreational trails for sustainability.

South Australia's State MTB Plan

Maps a path towards a sustainable future for mountain biking in SA, through:

  • The provision of well integrated sustainable trails and trail networks
  • Community education
  • Enhanced partnerships between stakeholders including cycling organisations, governments, environmental groups and other trail user groups

Active initiatives include:

  • Trails projects such as the Mawson Trail Network featuring the Cudlee Creek Forest MTB loops, and Eagle MTB Park
  • Trail Standards (for planning, design and construction) and Classifications
  • MTB Code of Practice
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