Team BSA Challenge  

Team BSA is a program for at-risk youth as well as those in disadvantaged and or remote communities.

Our programming objectives are to provide an alternative course module to those typically encountered within standard school curriculum. The Team BSA Challenge provides an avenue for students to achieve measurable results through complementary and relevant activities. Facilitators provide linkages to the community through work placements and key contacts, recreational clubs and cycling facilities. A targeted objective of Team BSA programming is to increase school retention numbers by driving participating students to complete the Team BSA program and engage in additional conventional school activities.

Participants undertake an intensive 27 hour program over 9 weeks, encompassing:

  • Rides
  • Information sessions
  • Team building exercises
  • Mechanical training
  • Off road riding skills
  • Race and rider etiquette

Team sessions include nutrition, health and fitness themes.

The results of the participant and teacher surveys from past Team BSA programs demonstrate that innovative engagement with this target group of students increases motivation, self confidence and has encouraged team members to further their involvement in physical activity and the cycling community, with many members returning to the team next program as mentors and assistant facilitators.
The results of Surveys also bear out the belief that tying school attendance to continued participation and engagement in Team BSA has acted as an important driver for students to maintain a good school attendance and behaviour record, at least during the duration of the program.

Results from the 2007/08 programme illustrated:

  • 78% of participants reported that they were going to school more often post program.
  • 92% stated that they were motivated to do so by the Team BSA program.
  • 71% felt more attached to the school and participating staff as a result of the Team BSA program
  • 68% of participants felt better about themselves and their ability to accomplish goals and tasks
  • 73% felt much more confident outside school
  • 82% of participants in programming thus far have not been suspended from school during the program duration

For more information on this programme CLICK HERE to download the programme overview brochure.

If you are interested in partnering with us to provide this valuable community development program please contact:

Kay Davis
Bike South Australia, Education Manager

Email: kay@bikesa.asn.au

If you live in the City of Salisbury, there are some great rides and courses for you to do this summer