Creating Cycle Friendly communities with Bicycle SA  

Bicycle SA is Australia's largest designer and provider of bicycle education and community cycling support services. Annually, we provide training for more than 6,000 South Australians of all ages, and event and ride opportunities for more than 30,000.

Bike SA delivers quality services and has achieved excellent outcomes across a broad range of council objectives including those relating to health and well being, community development, environment and community spaces, traffic management/congestion, and green active transport.

Some of our recent/current Council projects include:

  • Cycle Friendly Community plan and services with Port Pirie Regional Council
  • Adelaide by Bike with Adelaide City Council
  • Cycle Salisbury with Salisbury Council
  • New Arrivals/Refugee CycleSafe with City of Charles Sturt
  • CycleSafe Essentials, Bike Skills and School Holiday Bike Education Programs with Onkaparinga Council.
The funding arrangements for our projects vary considerably, including through state departments like DPTI, Commonwealth schemes such as the Healthy Communities Initiative, OPAL, Travelsmart and Councils.

Bicycle SA currently offers over 15 different services to Councils, and their communities, including an extensive range of practical education, recreational cycling events, online support and information, bicycle planning and major initiative consulting. All of these services have been developed through a consultative process and designed to be 'fit for purpose'. They are strongly linked to achieving particular interventions or objectives and for delivery to identified market segments.

The services are summarised below along with the intervention or objective they (principally) serve, and to whom the intervention is aimed.

 ServicesWhat?Who for?
 Courses and Training
CycleSafe Essentials2.5 hour comprehensive covering safety techniques, safe routes, practical skills, road use skills and traffic awareness. Bikes and helmets providedAdults (16 and above)Breaks down common barriers that prevent communities from moving beyond contemplation of cycling into action
CycleSafe New Arrivals Supports new arrival community networks with bike education, skills and laws and to gain access to quality bikes and safety equipment New Arrivals and RefugeesEnsures every participant has the resources and knowledge required to ride safely within their community
One-on-One CoachingTailored practical sessions teaching skills and safetyParticularly good for special needs participants and/or the complete noviceTrains people that would not otherwise ride (safely) without this level of support. Excellent entry point for low confidence or special needs
Commuter Cycling Series4 short sessions that teach best practise commuting essentials. Designed to be held at workplaces with presentation and practical aspects. Bikes includedWorkplaces, employees interested in cycle commuting.Encourages and empowers workforces/employees to commute by bike with excellent training and information resources
Community PresentationsInspiring talk on getting started and becoming a better cyclistCommunity groups and workplacesRaises awareness of cycling, links people to the services that are available in South Australia, increases confidence to take the next steps
Maintenance Courses4 courses from beginner to advanced, from fixing a tyre to servicing your own bikeAll recreational and commuter cyclistsAddresses confidence barrier: Builds confidence with fixing mechanical problems, fixing punctures, bike care and helps save money
Bike Skills
Bike FunActive after school program for school children to learn safe bike skills in a fun wayChildren from R-3Promotes a fun healthy activity to young children and paves the way to enjoying riding with confidence. Pre cursor to riding to school in upper primary
School Holiday ProgramsFun practical bike education programs for children during school holiday breaks. Encourages safer cycling, improves awareness and skills. Often run through communities centres and schools.Children from R-7Provides healthy and active school holiday services to community
Way2Go Bike EdProgram that prepares students in upper primary for on road cycling, learning the skills and attitudes required for safe cycling in low/medium traffic environments School children grades 4-7Develops road traffic sense, skills and awareness, responsible behaviours and decision making
Ride Leaders TrainingProvides training for people/organisations interested in ride leading and training All agesExpands the reach of cycling support services
BikeSTART (can be set to be Council specific)Free, easy and fun online tool that finds your starting point for cycling and provides you with solutions All agesThe power of this tool is that it quickly establishes any individuals needs and barriers, and provides sensible guidance on what to do about them. Confidence building, convenient, links into great ideas!
City Bikes/Metro Bikes (free bike use)A free bike, helmet and lock hire scheme16 and above unless adult supervisionProvides community with access to a free active transport medium. Makes for a cleaner, greener, healthier community
EventsCapacity to deliver year round program of events. Bicycle SA runs some of the biggest mass participation rides each year All agesRaise the profile of cycling in the community, provides a focus for increased physical activity, training and participation
Free Rides Program1000 free community rides are delivered each year. Expand the program in your community All agesThese rides are ideal for those who are getting back on the bike after a few years off or those taking it up for the first time


Please get in contact with Sam Drummond of Bike SA to discuss any of these services, our current projects and the opportunity to consider innovative ways to meet the needs of your community.

Sam Drummond
Business Development Manager
Bike SA
08 8168 9999


If you live in the City of Salisbury, there are some great rides and courses for you to do this summer