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 Bike Fleet by Bike SA  


One of the most consistent pieces of feedback Bike SA receives from cyclists and employers is the lack of opportunity and infrastructure which effectively acts as a barrier in cycling to, from and within work. Studies both in Australia and internationally, have found that cycling as an option for intra-office transport offers a range of benefits for the long-term health, wellbeing and productivity of staff as well as the obvious cost savings.

Made simple

Workplaces can now offer this option to staff through Bike SA's new initiative. It's as simple as choosing from our selection of Fleet equipment including:

  • Suitable bikes
  • Accessories (like helmets, locks, panniers, racks etc)
  • Storage/racking systems

and well set up your bike fleet at your location for the period of time you desire.

Fully serviced

You'll have the peace of mind that Bike SA will fully maintain and service your fleet, carrying out as much servicing as possible on site rather than in our workshop.

Safe practises

Bike SA will teach your staff how to undertake bike safety checks prior to use. As an option, we can also provide time/cost efficient bike education and practical training for your staff through our Commuter Cycling Support series, and Corporate Membership.

Great opportunity

Bike Fleet will give employers the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to active transport by promoting a healthier workplace, playing an active role in supporting the objective to make Adelaide a world leader in green living as well as providing a cost effective transport option for intra-office journeys.


Sam Drummond on 08 8168 9904 to discuss the possibilities.

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