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Patron - Hon Stephen Yarwood, Lord Mayor
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Maureen Merrick
Vice President
Terry Ryan 
Tom Walker 
Anne Smith 
Chris Beauchamp 
 Warwick Cooper

Michael Killmier


Angie Lewis


Des Murray


Nathan Petrus

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Chief Executive Officer   
Christian Haag
General Manager   
Michael Bridge
Business Development Manager
Sam Drummond
Events ManagerRussell Miatke russellm@bikesa.asn.au
Marketing and Communications ManagerJulian Ferguson
Membership Services   
Chris Hutchinson office@bikesa.asn.au
Ling Giang giangl@bikesa.asn.au
Education Development Manager
Kay Davis
Education CoordinatorsKatie Gilfillan, Simon Harris, Matt St Jack

Bike SA team


Christian Haag CEO

Bike SA's CEO has a reputation for being a man of few words, and this reputation was not compromised when asked to tell us a little bit about himself! However what he lacks in words he makes up for in actions, keeping the wheels spinning at Bike SA for 8 years now. Before joining the team here, Christian established a 20 year career as a performing arts manager both in Australia and overseas.

When it comes to bikes Christian is a self proclaimed 'clunkist'- he likes them old and clunky! He claims that people are dismayed when the CEO of our fine organisation turns up on his crappy old mountain bike.

 Michael Bridge General Manager 

  Bike SA's general manager Michael brings a strong passion on history of cycling to his role. Much of his career has been in events management, and since 2003 cycling has been a key ingredient. A picture of professionalism and a mind focused on getting as many South Australian ?bums on bikes' as possible, Michael oversees all the action that takes place in our dynamic office.


Sam Drummond Development Manager  

  Prior to joining Bike SA's team as Development manager, Sam Drummond worked in state and Australian government, doing 'economic policy stuff' as he puts it. Sam has come up with some wonderful programs and initiatives to get as many South Australian's on bikes as possible, including work with young people in the APY lands, liaising with businesses and generally keeping Bike SA expanding and reaching for bigger and better things.

Sam simply but eloquently says that he is a part of the Bike SA team because he believes in the cause and has something to contribute. Secretly, Sam rides an old clunker that has been bought back to life for the sake of commuting, but otherwise he can be seen masquerading as a lycra decked roadie on his Scott.

 Kay Davis Education and Development Manager

 Kay brings a wealth of experience to her role as Bike SA's Education Development Manager. Prior to starting with Bike SA, Kay held a Community Safety role with local government, leasing and developing programs within schools and community groups. From business courses, counselling, and a bachelors degree in Education (with honours!) Kay has filled a variety of roles within Bike SA since she started here in 2006.

Kay is passionate about community engagement and feels strongly about providing healthy, sustainable, environmental solutions to travel through education and training. As a part of her role, Kay gets to address environmental and health challenges, and creates new opportunities in neighbourhoods. There is absolutely no question that Kay plays a vital part in fostering the next generation of cyclists and bike fanatics!
As a kid, Kay's favourite bike was her red Raleigh BMX that took her on all sorts of adventures. In her teenage years her faithful Muddy Fox mountain bike became her mode of transport, and she now enjoys costal rides in Adelaide on her flat bar road bike.


Julian Ferguson Marketing Manager 

Julian has taken on the task of ensuring that all the great work that takes place at Bike SA does not go unnoticed by the public. He joins us as Marketing Manager after spending the past few years in Brussels working for the European Cycling Federation. He has a background in International politics, but loves a bit of marketing and communications...a real Jack of all trades! He has taken in quite a bit about cycling policy and culture in his time spent abroad.

Julian First started riding his bicycle in Hiroshima, where his Dad used to build old recycled bikes up. Now he's moved onto a glorious old Pashley, which you may see him on as he pedals slow and sexily around Adelaide. 

He recently rode up Mount Lofty on a unicycle in a clown suit and still has trouble walking... 


 Russell Miatke Events Manager

Originally from a farming background in western Victoria, Russell spent many years travelling and working across Europe in the tourism industry with a focus on coach touring and snow holidays. This range of experience has seen Russell do a tremendous job co-ordinating, planning, and miracle working a variety of cycling events for Bike SA for the last 4 years now.

Although Russell didn't have a particular history with cycling, he says that working for Bike SA has provided him with a great opportunity to transfer his skills and experiences from Europe. The team and the diversity of events are what keep Russell coming back, and he takes the challenges presented by the role in his stride, even when the office is buzzing with activity!

Russell rides an Avanti Circa cyclocross, which he describes as being a great all-rounder.



 Chris Hutchinson Administrations/ Membership

  Chris is a long time Bike SA staff member. Joining the team in 2006 as an administration volunteer one day a week, her skill and passion soon saw her work her way up to a full time position! Chris says that it's a great place to work, with a passionate team of staff and volunteers.

A real bike enthusiast, at last count she has six bikes in the shed. These include a road bike, a mountain bike, shopping and dog trailer bike, a retro bike and a new acquisition of a flat bar, disc brake commuter bike with the option of panniers/ travelling. She says that a girl can never have too many toys in the shed, especially when it comes to bikes! She can't part with any of them, as they're all too fun to ride!

If you come into Bike SA's Franklin Street office from Monday to Thursday, it'll be Chris's smiling face that'll be greeting you at the front desk!

Chelsea Austin Administrations/ City Bikes

Chelsea is one of the newer additions to the Bike SA team, sacrificing her weekends to man the front desk and keep the City Bikes program going and growing. She rides her bike everywhere - which of course is expected with the job!